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About TEN

Truck Equipment Network is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive Truck Equipment Directory on the Internet, free of charge to manufacturers and our visitors. If you're digging through the search engines like everyone one else, trying to find information, prices, contact information, assitance with your equipment, could be spending hours or even days and may still walk away empty handed.

To date, this site features well over 300 manufacturers, 40 industry associations, 10 classified sites dedicated to the buying/selling of truck equipment, over 40 relevant trade publications, 20 major industry trade shows and multiple government sites to assist you with rules and regulations. Another goal of this site is to provide an equal playing field to manufacturers of all sizes. We believe everyone wins with this model, especially the customer.

We do offer paid advertising space down the right-hand side of each page to help keep this free resource going. This is a perfect forum for Dealers of truck equipment to show their stuff and pick up new customers. It's also ideal for Manufacturers who are buried in a sea of competition. For more information on our paid advertising, Click Here.

Truck Equipment Network will remain a work in progress. We will continue to grow our Manufacturer Directory along with multiple other areas of the site, many still to be announced. We do welcome your assistance in helping us grow our site. If you'd like to recommend a Truck Equipment Manufacturer, simply click on the "Submit A Site" tab at the top of any page. Please include a link to the site, company logo and any other information that will help us speed up the inclusion process. You will be informed once the site has been added.

We hope you find Truck Equipment Network to be a useful tool and thank you for visiting.